We guard our vulnerabilities and watch that noone gets close, like a hawk. The interesting part is that we usually delegate this protection task to our subconscious.

Our subconscious regards this task equal to our survival and can get incredibly creative to distract our -and anyone elses’- attention away from this unbareable subject. Dr. Sarno writes extensively on how this shows up as pain in our body.

The cacoon we build to protect this part of us is a holding pattern that prevents the natural flow of movement and energy in our body and psyche. Unless we find a way to air and get resourceful on addressing this vulnerability than it will show up as stuckness in other parts of our life. You know the feeling of things not flowing sometimes. That’s what I am talking about.

We encounter similar dynamics, it seems that certain things keep happening to us.

These are in fact beautiful moments of discovery, process and release when approached from this perspective of understanding and care for ourselves. It becomes possible to extend the same calm and assertive care to others’ patterns we encounter.

Calm, because we finally release a poking issue and assertive, because we took on the challenge to look and express a vulnerability, in whatever way we did it.

Our attention and life is now ready and available for what is next.