Take that step

The main thing that I hear from people on that is, what if this is not the right step? What if I end up in a different direction than the one I want? So why take a step? Developing intuition is a physically active training as well as introspective.


The point is for you take that step and bring in some momentum towards your goals. Once you have the momentum, then you can direct and choose different routes. Get consistent and get used to taking steps because like I said, once you have the momentum, you can shift the direction, but it’s really hard to get things happening from a very static place. We need to give our developing intuition some experiences to chew on to provide us with new possibilities.

Confidence boost

When you have this momentum, your self confidence is going to get a boost because you’re finally doing something and you can shush that part of you for now that is berating you about how this may not be the right way. “I’m not sure if this is going to lead to the right place.” “Where are you going?” “I’am not sure if this is the way. We should return.” “We should choose a different place or time for this” All these different questions and all the various blah, blah, blah that’s going in our heads while the aim in the beginning is to get into that moment and take those steps that appear to us.

The view is different from up there

You are going to have a very different perspective of the right and wrong ways and opportunities from where you are as you are on, on the roll. You won’t be able to see the opportunities and the challenges from where you stand, in the same old spot. When you get moving, when you’re talking to people, when you’re in action, then you’re going to sense things. You are in flow, can even start feeling an ease and the joy of possibilities bubbling up. You’re going to be doing the kind of interactions that give you the kind of information you would not have access to if you’re static, so just take that step and keep taking that one step just to step right in front of you. Don’t worry about the big plan, don’t worry about the end of it.

Focus on the step in front of you right now

Yes you did not figure it all out yet and do not have a plan that you completely trust. You cannot just wait for the plan to be formed without a knowledge of the terrain either and do not assume the negatives without surveying and experiencing the playing field for yourself. Just take that one step today. I will talk about how if you’re on the right road or not in a separate article.

To summarize the three major steps to turn action into fear;

  1. Remember that that fearing part is not all but just a part of you and there is your rest of the experiences that remind you of how you overcame many challenges that all looked ominous at the time.
  2. Access this resources part of you by lowering from 15 plus breaths per minute to 5 breaths per minutes. Start by exhaling for 6 seconds and inhale for 6 seconds through your diaphragm. That anxious place is not the place that is leading us to solutions creatively plans the brilliant new expansions for us.
  3. And finally it is important that we take that very first step, just that step in front of us that we are able to see, and it is okay (beneficial actually) not to have the whole plan to the end just yet. The next step is going to appear when you start taking steps. What we are achieving with this is to gain momentum, more self respect for finally making some things happen, and knowing that we’re going to have a very different perspective as we move along.

You know how excited babies are to take their first steps and to start running. This whole journey of discovering new barriers to break is just as fun when we can cultivate that heart warming enthusiasm. Your gut instinct will naturally lead you there when you do not wait for the end of things to take a breath.