In this interview-style training series, here’s what you’ll receive

  • How to start trusting your own guidance.
  • Strategies on how to have a powerful connection with your intuition.
  • Step-by-step training on how to take charge of your subconscious programming.
  • How to build confidence in putting your unique point of view out there.
  • Shifting your mindset so you can really stand in your power and voice no matter what life throws at you.
  • How to regulate your intuition to guide you when you need it the most.
  • Methods on how to easily recognize what is going on for your clients and tapping into providing a solution for them.
  • Formulas on how to communicate your leadership through calm and assertive energy
  • How to make a bigger impact for your clients and earn the income you’ve always wanted!
  • And bonus materials from each of our trainers!


Marsh Engle

Kathleen Gage

Nikkea Devida

Lynne McTaggart

Kate Gerry

Kim Vopni

Michelle Tillis Lederman

Richard Gordon

Susan Bock

Vanessa Rende

Zahra Efan

Karen Ely

Jesse Brisendine

Elayna Fernandez

Devorah Spilman

Nina Amir

Joe Rubino

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown

David Essel

Michal Chesal

Catherine Just

Lindsey Laurain

Anne Samoilov