We are wired for sensing the immediately invisible to better our species. I acknowledge the almost metaphysical synchronicities that follow the work on developing subconscious but it fits me better to talk about the biological and psychological basis of intuition. There are many clinical studies and experienced events that show how intuition is more than a gurgle in our gut.

This time I came across these documentaries online. I originally watched them on Valentines Day, years ago on, what of course, the biological basis of our mating rituals. I always loved documentaries on biology and I realized that this too was talking about how we, as humans, are wired to sense things to advance our species and increase our survival rate.

The most amazing part of it was that it was talking about the significance of our nose being in the centre of our face, right there in every interaction. Some of you may already have heard of this but when we get close enough to even cordially kiss person, it turns out we can recognize their genealogic make up. How wonderful is this?! In courtship, this informs us of how healthy our offspring would be according to how much we like this person’s smell compared to another’s. The farther our resemblance in gene make up, the better they smell to us.

The reason I am talking about this is that this, too is an information our body collects without our conscious awareness but use in making decisions none-the less. Rare ones amongst you might have been paying attention to your mates’ own scent beyond what their cologne and how this contributed to your impression of them. This in turn is more recognizable in the form of our physical attraction to a person. Their scent and genes, it turns out, explains a lot about that inexplicable “Je ne sais qui” about our attraction.

If you are thinking that scientist turn all romance into chemistry, you can in fact rejoice more that our intuitions in fact are more logical and valid than we give them credit for. There are very good reasons to why you may prefer to be with one person than the other, and you know it already within but cannot explain logically to anyone. Developing our intuition, is not developing by adding more information to the think tank at all, but clearing the mind clutter to tune into our body’s natural signals. We are already wired to be competitively superb to not just survive but develop as species and our subconscious brain works 24/7 on this basic instinct according to what we ask for. Do give more credit to it, learn to discern and trust your intuition.