Healing is always a “present” business. We in only truly heal when we adress what is happening, what we do, how we react, in the present. So digging for the past, trying to sort or remember if it was this or that way leads us astray.

The part of a past experience that is most relevant is the part we carried to today with us. The joys and the insecurities that we still carry around, as a subconscious program.

Most of us do not have patience and compassion for these parts of us or in others. Every enactment of an old scene is an attempt we device to resolve this riddle. When a waiter is habitually rude, when we keep hearing “I do not have time for this” from potential clients, it means we are getting signaled of a holding pattern, of a blind spot that wants to be aired and processed to be through with it.

This way we can put it to rest and do not have to repeat the same pattern, encounter the similar events anymore and it recedes into the background, so we can finally pay attention to what is next.