It is not by adding more knowledge but practicing to clear mind of the forms that prevent us from receiving wisdom that seemingly, at least initially, is delivered from an unknown source, our intuition.

Many consider intuition as being close to the Source. That just maybe close to truth of the matter because many so-called savants are usually people who have little contact with the socially taught forms of judgements and scrutiny of people, issues and their environment. On the face of it many of us view them as child-like in their mannerisms and the way they seem to communicate prominently in symbols.

Therefore, learning about cultivating, controlling and activating intuition at will is more about learning to shed strict forms of deductions, than adding more knowledge to the tank. Developing your intuition is a practice with the support of the right insights. So besides talking about concepts our primary work is about discovering our scripts and habitual reactions and belief dynamics as well as becoming aware of our go-to habits when we feel anxious or distressed.

These two basic practices are so that we can clear our own clutter from the way of the information received here and now and sift opinions and habits from as is dynamics of the world. These will not only make us more perceptive to the signals that protect and guide us but also support us in trusting this first-hand information more than the historic, systemic and external authority figures’ directives.

The basic assumption here is that intuition is delivered not through a divine source but from the basic functions of our brain neurology and attention. We receive the knowledge from our 5+ senses without being aware of any of it outside of where we are paying attention at that moment. This information in turn is organized according to what we find important for our safety, welfare, what we desire, ask for, wonder about and ponder on at the time. Simply whatever we turn our attention to is perceived as a beacon for our subconscious mind to organize around. All the collected data forms around that perspective beacon.

It does happen that once we clarify and focus on a subject of interest or urgency the world around us also organizes itself to respond in a parallel fashion. In that regard, maybe intuition and our communication with our subconscious is being close to the source.

Theorizing on the matter of subconscious and Source is professionally out of the scope of my expertise. The results that are derived from the practices are, on the other hand, observable experiences of my clients besides others in the literature.

We have an internal response system aid us. We just need to be aware and take the control of directing the system. The responsibility is immense. Therefore, we see many who prefer to delegate this responsibility and therefore some of their freewill to another person and/or system. These people exchange their freedoms for the luxury of complaining, about the conditions and how others do not do their part in making their life better.

It is as if we are just our attention and our subconscious, as well as the universe “outside of us” just organizes itself around the light of a clearly defined attention gaining strength from the intensity of the emotion behind it.