Today we’re talking about how to know you’re on the right path and how to turn fears into action. The reason most people do not take action is because they do not know if they’re on the right path. The answer is not very straight forward, of course, and there are different cases for everyone. Even though it’s counter intuitive, we can tell we are on the right path because we are not sure and are always second guessing ourselves. We become aware of what is missing – the resources, the things we do not know, the things we don’t feel confident about.

Why am I starting with this? What does this mean?

Joseph Campbell says that if a path is clear to you, then it is not yours. If we are in our comfort zone, we are not following our path. If you are choosing to follow a comfortable path, you are probably feeling unfulfilled and depleted by that path. If you are starting to follow something different that feels unfamiliar, and you’re always questioning it, then you’re probably on the right path. You would not choose this path if something was not calling you toward it.

But there’s another part of it. You will have lots of questions, which will lead you to research that is invigorating. It will give you energy. When you are on the right path, you don’t feel depleted of energy. Everything excites us. We want to look into those questions and get excited about the new information we find.

That’s how courage starts to compensate for the confidence we lack. There are so many things we need to understand. The more we do research, the more we begin to understand, then the more we start to go down the right path. You start to see how things start to come together. There’s all this research and work that you’re doing, and it’s not leaving you depleted. This kind of joy did not exist on the other paths you had been following. Yes, you might be busy, you might not know where this is going, and there’s still fear. But there’s also energy.

Next time, we will talk more about confidence.