Hello. Let’s talk about finding the true meaning, vocation, your purpose in this world. You may not know this about me but I’m a Clinical Counsellor and I have a MBA, which means I completed two master’s degrees, one on counselling psychology and the other on business.

The reason I’m telling you this is I know that it takes a very long time for most of us to understand what it is that we really want to do in this world. Some believe that there’s not just one thing that we should be looking for. There’s no one magical thing that we are here to do. So we should just give up that quest.

But there’s a little tweak to that, which is our deep dissatisfaction with usually what we’re doing in this world. I think there is something legitimate that every feeling is trying to communicate with us.

So when I look back retrospectively, I can see that all education and the different jobs that I held throughout the years have all been about finding this true purpose and true vocation. Not just for me of course, but for the people that I work for.

Something that I come to understand is our product, what we put out into the world, whether we’re doing it as an entrepreneur or as working somewhere else, is coming from our values and our passions. There are a lot of tools, practices and exercises out there that you can use to understand better about your values and your passion in life. Throughout my education and in recent years through online courses and popular books many similar approaches came up. Most either uphold the value of skills or our interests. There is great value in getting clear and honest on our skills but this point misses how our perspective is mostly shaped by what we see around us which can be limiting our assessment of possibilities.

Check out the Prioritize Your Passions Discovery for a free, but insight-packed, Challenge to see what I am talking about. The ideas are drawn from all fields of life from Attachment Theory to Flow Experiences to fill this gap. Let me know if it