You are going through your day and then find yourself ruminating about some old or imagined event, discussing and going back and forth in your head. What happened?… or maybe this is all too common for you that you do not even take notice.

One of the most important components of communicating leadership, is to be aware of our energy. This energy is best felt as emotions and is rarely considered. Most people are not aware how they absorb another’s energy. On top of this, if you are also a sensitive person, who experiences many fluctuations in your mood, it is likely that you may be an empath.

An empath has the ability to tune into another person’s emotional state instinctively. Most people develop this ability starting in the first three years of their lives. Before our conscious brain has the chance to discern and filter information our subconscious mind soaks in and organizes information from our environmental for optimal adjustment and safety.

Psychologist Paul Ekman gives the example of people who are raised in homes with domestic violence developing a keener ability to recognize micro expressions for being able to gage whether the potentially violent person may attack the next moment.

You do not have to have a troubled past to develop empath abilities and if you are one then it is easier for you to lead though empathy. For an empath to lead, it is important to develop a recognition of their mood to avoid getting carried away with the mood of the environment you are in, and shift your perspective to the one you decide it to be.