I feel exteremly excited and lucky for being in this era. Knowledge is not hidden in obscure places anymore and the real challenge is to have the eye to discern useful from not useful and fraud from valid. It is not a small endeavour but I find it preferable to having access to data only in small quantities.

In the same line of thinking is our relationship with our subconscious. The part of us that runs and uses an estimated wooping 98% of our brain and body functions. We consciously are only aware of such a small portion of our full perception – taking in information from 2 eyes, ears, pressure and heat sensors, taste, smell as well as internal organs – it is incredible how we are not getting confused bu this multi preceptive functioning. This is where intuition and gut feelings come from.

Whence we understand how we can communicate with our subconscious, as a conductor does with an orchestra, we develop a kind of trust that acts as a beacon in the foggy seas of unknowns we sail into. The discernment comes from the calm and assertive consideration of our needs and consciously turning our attention exclusively to that which will help us satisfy these needs.

It is a pity that many still are unaware or cannot believe that we can communicate and direct our subconscious and become discerning explorers of the parts unknown.