When we have the confidence to follow the right path, it is not because we have the courage to do it, but because some invisible hand is pulling us forward. When we have been thinking about and researching the same thing over and over again, we know we are taking...

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Turn Fears Into Action (Cont.)

Take that step The main thing that I hear from people on that is, what if this is not the right step? What if I end up in a different direction than the one I want? So why take a step? Developing intuition is a physically active training as well as introspective....

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How to turn fears into action?

It is only a part of you The first point that I want to mention is to recognize that our fear is not all encapsulating. What does that mean? That means that there is  a part of us that is aware of this fear and is consumed with this fear but also there's another part...

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Reading The Invisible

Kickstart Your Superpower As a psychotherapist I read people and get to understand the person they are in their wider universe beyond the session, sensing not just what they say, but how they are. In training this sense my number one concern was whether what I sense...

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The fragrance of the best genes

We are wired for sensing the immediately invisible to better our species. I acknowledge the almost metaphysical synchronicities that follow the work on developing subconscious but it fits me better to talk about the biological and psychological basis of intuition....

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Why you feel so bad

If you get effected by other’s mood easily, you may be an empath. An empath is someone who can detect the emotional states instinctively. This skills develops in the early years of our lives.

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A mighty woman taking charge

Mother's Guide to Return to Work

This book has been written as a guide to help mothers plan out their return-to-work process before they go on their maternity leaves. It highlights what one can expect and prepare for before, during, and after maternity leave. Above all else, this guide should serve as a reminder that you are not alone in your experience as a mother during this time of transition.