About Evren Westhead

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Trusting our intuition allows us to tune into the vast network of information collected by our subconscious processes. We get access to exponentially more insight into what is going on around us and advance in life with decisions that seem enigmatic to by standers. We know things by the way they feel, the energy we sense, before we can define a reason we can articulate. Intuition skills utilized consciously this way leads to taking our own word above all other influences and to a balanced confidence. We get in the flow of life where we enjoy and get energized by the challenges at the forefront of life.

Maintaining her own joy through these practices and creating a life that she loves has encouraged Evren to support others in finding this key to their intuition. Evren guides her clients to become empowered in their own leadership process through private coaching, and online home study courses.

She is a Registered Psychotherapist