When we have the confidence to follow the right path, it is not because we have the courage to do it, but because some invisible hand is pulling us forward. When we have been thinking about and researching the same thing over and over again, we know we are taking preliminary steps in the right direction. There are a lot of times that I would look back into writing and research and see the kind of deductions I came up with. You find that you have been trying to put this road together for yourself, even when the end was not so clear cut or understandable. You have been carving out this path for yourself over again, even though you don’t trust yourself. Even when you question every decision and everything you do about it, the invisible hand carries you back into it.

Something we notice when we’re on the right path is the increase of synchronicities and dance. Courage compensates for lack of confidence in the beginning. Pert, the author of Molecules of Emotion, talks about this, too, and how this kind of understanding does not quite with the “less universe” theory that most scientists are required to adhere to a belief in.

There’s something that’s pushing you forward in this. But how do you know you’re on the right path? It’s not a clear answer, but this is your experience. Experience is more important than just book knowledge and facts and studies. It’s your experience, and it’s the experience of many people before you that have been on these paths. It only becomes clear and organized when you look back, and you can understand everything. Of course you’re going to have fears when you start carving a path for yourself, or walking a path that has not been walked before.

This is where courage comes in.

History is full of people who have done incredible things and have incredible stories. There is a known and familiar, the hero’s journey. You have your own private journey, your own private path. You are attempting to do it the only way you can – your way. But it’s going to be uncomfortable at first. You’re going to second guess. You’re going to recognize the distance between yourself and the end of your journey. But every question opens a path for you that excites you. You might find yourself falling back into the same activities, but know that this is not a path that appeared in one day and it will pull you back on the right direction again. The more you keep with it you feel better about yourself and your confidence replaces courage.

If you have been on this path before and stopped, don’t give up. There’s lot of exciting things around you.