Connect with that one who cannot…

…and have the conversation you never did.

You’ve known them for a long time, parents, present and ex-partners…just never got to really understand their inner world… Physical distance and time does not guarantee the heart to grow fonder and does not always help to cut a bond you rather not have.

Get to know the people in your life who are so close yet distant. Have the conversations you never did, acknowledge your bond and make your implicit connection, explicit.

What you would want to do with this connection then, is up to you. I am here to support you and give you the tools you need to get there…Call and we’ll talk! 


Through my experience with over 300 clients, I recognized that we rarely tell each other the truth…

What is a true connection?

Get the basics on how our real nature is oneness and how we get disconnected.


This book has been written as a guide to help mothers plan out their return-to-work process before they go on their maternity leaves. 

Lost and Found 

Never Lost When We’re Seen 

I did a lot of counselling when I was going through my divorce, and there was always talk about where I FEEL what I’m saying, and dammit! I’m talking! This is what I say and it is not a physical exercise! But I understand better now, and I had a lot of resistance to the idea before Ken D., USA

The best thing was I felt Evren validated what I’ve felt about intuition. Information worth investing in, a unique perspective. Amber M., USA