Dragging yourself up to  another day ?

Do you fear that you wasted your time and missed opportunities to make something of your life?

I help identify what would give meaning to your life and dispel fears to get you busy living.


Through my experience with over 300 clients, I recognized that we rarely tell each other the truth…

What is a true connection?

Get the basics on how our real nature is oneness and how we get disconnected.


This book has been written as a guide to help mothers plan out their return-to-work process before they go on their maternity leaves. 

Lost and Found 

Never Lost When We’re Seen 

I did a lot of counselling when I was going through my divorce, and there was always talk about where I FEEL what I’m saying, and dammit! I’m talking! This is what I say and it is not a physical exercise! But I understand better now, and I had a lot of resistance to the idea before Ken D., USA

The best thing was I felt Evren validated what I’ve felt about intuition. Information worth investing in, a unique perspective. Amber M., USA