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I have been trying to get my product off the ground and contrary to my expectations, the reception has been cold. It was kind of a bummer. They liked the product but I couldn’t close any deal or make any sales! I was frustrated and I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it. Enter, Evren Westhead…It turned out that I was not making the right connection when interacting with my potential customers. Two months into the session and I made my first sale! Another month after that and I had sold 275 pieces! I became so busy I couldn’t complete the last month, but I’d gotten all I needed to succeed. Thank you Evren for making me see the light. Craig L., UK

I did a lot of counselling when I was going through my divorce, and there was always talk about where I FEEL why I’m saying, and dammit! I’m talking! This is what I say not a physical exercise! But I understand better now, and I had a lot of resistance to the idea before Ken D., USA

The best thing was I felt Evren validated what I’ve felt about intuition. Information worth investing in, a unique perspective. Amber M., USA

I owe more than great gratitude to Evren.  I was quite reluctant to sign up for the training at first but eventually, I did, and it turned out great… she has really helped develop my understanding and application of intuition…One of the many obvious reasons I’d wholeheartedly recommend this training is the high level of practicality …of the entire message… Thanks a bunch Evren for creating such a wonderful program. Pearl A.,USA

Interacting with people can be a challenge…came up with a baby business, I was having difficulty interacting with suppliers. I struggle… to understand the non-verbal level…taught me how to read people. Now business has started to pick up, as I things come together better. I am excited and I recommend too. Danielle W., USA/Canada

“You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf” Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Through her experience with over 300 clients, Evren recognized that little is known on intuition and there is little trust in one’s own guidance to navigate life.

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This book has been written as a guide to help mothers plan out their return-to-work process before they go on their maternity leaves.